The Kingdom of the Wood, is a realm that time forgot, and is still imbued with much of the manifestation of the Gods and Goddesses. Rich with mega flora and fauna, the waters teem with life, and the soils are abundant and fertile.

The faerie-folk and ents were the first to inhabit this region, but after the expulsion from the torrential Deluge, many new refugees have come seeking shelter under the great tree, Rasilissigeaunt. This tree, which was a gift to the faerie-demigod, King of the Wood, when he was young, as a wedding gift from his mother, Nemestri, one of the great goddesses of old. The rich spring in which he planted the sapling, caused it to grow high and strong over the eons. The faerie-folk and ents built their civilization in the branches of this ancient Sylvan Oak. 

The blessing of Nemistri have kept this realm sacred and protected for so long, that the citizens feel safe and are unaware of the Rotwood Blight  creeping out of the Corrupted Wraithwood, their close neighbor.


Regions of Deluvia

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