Welcome to SteamFront Studios

We Build Worlds

We are a game studio located in Northeast Wisconsin. We develop tabletop games, video games, and our current flagship product Age of Storms.

  • Founder

    Sir Bandersnatch started the world in Fall 2013 with his family. The Map started with a dwarven house at the base of mountain, which still exists in its original form.

    Between then and now, dozens of builders and helpers have come through and contributed to make the map to what it is now and we thank them.

  • The World

    Deluvia is a fictional high fantasy world in which Age of Storms is based off of the creator's inspired childhood of Middle Earth, Dungeons and Dragons, Hyrule and other folk tales and literature.

    The story starts with the lore and its history, but the rest of the world and its future is written and built by the players, who will alter its destiny.

  • Our Staff

    Our Staff is everything. We've had some great staff over the years. If we only had them all at the same time and still current! So we are still looking for staff to keep the passion of this project alive.

    You can apply here if you're interested.